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Café Offers Unparalleled Choice

The Customizable Professional Collection lets you add personal style to your kitchen with either Matte Black, Matte White or Stainless Steel finishes and designer-curated customizable hardware.

The Modern Glass Collection is a forward thinking approach to appliances, featuring a seamless platinum glass finish, integrated handles and a sophisticated design.

Café Premium Finishes

Customize Hardware for a Versatile Look

Start with Matte White appliances with its anything-but-standard Brushed Bronze hardware and you have a winning combo. Or you can change it up by adding classic Brushed Black, warm Brushed Copper, or clean-and-easy Brushed Stainless to fit your personal style.

Create Your Own Drama with the Details

Though the versatile, Brushed Stainless hardware comes standard, you can dress up your Matte Black appliances to fit your style with any of our hardware options. Try Brushed Bronze for a classic look, Brushed Copper for added warmth, or Brushed Black for a striking look.

Layer on the Mixed Metals

Change up the Brushed Stainless hardware to get in on the latest kitchen look—mixed metals. Warm things up with Brushed Copper or Brushed Bronze, or take an edgier stance with the cool-toned Brushed Black.

A True Reflection of You

Our Modern Glass Collection helps you create a seamless, modern kitchen. The flush façade features a smooth, sleek surface that beautifully reflects light and complements almost any colour palette.