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Café AFFETTO Automatic Espresso Machine + Frother - C7CEBBS2RS3


One Touch Brew

With a single press of a button and in less than 90 seconds, this automatic espresso machine dispenses Espresso, Americano, My Cup or Hot Water.

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Image about WiFi Connected with Drink Customization Technology

WiFi Connected with Drink Customization Technology

Equip your kitchen with a smart espresso machine that syncs with the SmartHQ app, allowing users to customize drink preferences by volume and strength, while also enabling software updates.

Built-In Conical Burr Grinder & Adjustable Grind Size

The stainless steel conical burr grinder delivers a consistent grind with any bean roast. Plus, you can control your grind size with 5 levels ranging from coarsest to finest for ideal taste and aroma extraction.

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Balanced Extraction

Beans are pre-infused with low pressure to gently bloom optimal flavor profiles and gradually increased to 20 bars of high rated pump pressure to ensure even extraction for a balanced tasting cup.

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Built-In Bean Hopper

Keep beans fresh with sealed bean storage that holds over 180 grams/6 ounces.

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Easy to Clean

You can easily remove the magnetic drip tray, connecting internal waste bin and coffee brewer from the espresso machine for quick, convenient cleaning.

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Image about Compact, Modern Design

Compact, Modern Design

This compact espresso machine has a 7" wide footprint and is adorned with signature copper accents, adding style and sophistication to any countertop.

Specification COFFEE MAKERS
Colour Steel Silver
Control Features  LED Panel with Cap touch keys, One touch keys for Espresso, Americano, My Cup, Hot Water and Steam
Type Countertop - Indoor
Warranty 1 year
WiFi Connect Yes
Temperature Control  NTC Boiler PD Temp control
 Installation Free_standing
Control Type Electronic
Removable Drip Tray Yes
Adjustable Grinder 5 Settings
Bean Capacity (Hopper)  184g = 6.5 Oz
De-Scaling Yes
Integrated Grind Systems Yes
LED Alerts Rinsing
Descaling is needed/on-going
Check brewer
Refill/Stir Bean Container
Refill Water Tank
Memory Settings Water memory and grind amount for single grind amount, Additional settings available (on App)
Steam Wand Yes
Volumetric Control Yes
Water Reservoir Removable
1.2L 4.5 oz
Hot Water Function  Yes; Tea
Illumination One LED under/behind the spouts
Adjustable Spout Height Yes
Disposal Box Capacity 14 oz
Internal Drip Tray Capacity 9 oz
Auto Shutoff Yes
Preheating Time > 90 seconds
Pump Pressure 20 Bar
External Drip Tray Capacity  11 oz
Boiler Type Thermoblock Heating
Alimentation 120V ; 60 Hz ; 1235-1470W
Back Air Clearances 2 in
Side Air Clearance Right 2", Left 6", Front 10"
Grinder Type Burr, precision, SS

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